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ApPLY by PLYmedia

ApPLY is an affiliate tracking system like no other!

Take your Affiliate Network to a whole new level: Maximize your affiliates traffic monetization, deliver quality users that meets your advertisers KPIs and optimize your spending. Manage your offers, budgets, affiliates and quality - all in one place.
ApPLY leverages PLYmedia’s unparalleled experience in performance marketing. Built with user-engagement in mind and based on latest technology, ApPLY tracks your activity smarter, and provide you with the tools to earn more!

What’s in it for you?

We built ApPLY with smart capabilities, to generate outstanding results for your affiliate network.

End to end tracking capabilities for effective affiliates management.

With our multi-layered security solution,
you will become more fraud-resistant.

In-funnel KPI tracking, real-time
user engagement data.

We take care of your bottom line -
simple model, surprising pricing.

Powerful API functionality that
saves you time and money.

Full platform customization
with our white label functionality.

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